Some examples:

  • Filing of EP patent application in a language of the proceedings (EN, DE or FR) (Art. 14(2) EPC)
  • Conversion of EP patent application in a national patent application (Art. 137(2)(b) EPC)
  • Claims of EP-patent application for provisional protection (Art. 67(3) EPC)
  • Priority document (Art. 88(1) EPC)
  • Claims of EP-patent (R. 71(3) EPC)
  • Granted EP-patent (Art. 65 EPC)
  • Amended EP patent after opposition (Art. 65 EPC)
  • Certification of translation (R. 5 EPC)
  • Prior art literature
  • Briefs, declarations, affidavits and other documents related to patent prosecution or court proceedings



Some examples:

  • Technical and scientific educational material
  • Dissertations
  • Scientific and legal articles
  • Letters and contracts
  • Manuals, brochures and advertising material
  • Excerpts from national registers

Our services are directed towards delivering optimal quality at very competitive fees, keeping up with (often legal) deadlines, and an optimal cooperation with the client.  Companies may order their patent translations directly with us instead of with patent agents or validation services that also order their patent translations with us ! Our translations of patent claims and specifications are filing-ready, formatted according to the specifications of the respective national or regional patent office !

Unlike regular translation services, we are translating from a patent attorney perspective, such that we will quickly spot any anomalies and report them to you, in particular in the patent claims. The translation of the claims of the EP patent is a crucial moment when errors with a possible legal effects may be noticed and corrected.

Each translation is proof-read by an independent translator and checked on 35 criteria.



We cover all technical fields, e.g.:

Chemistry – inorganic chemistry, biochemistry & biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, catalyst chemistry, organic chemistry, oil technology, paper technology,  polymer chemistry, process chemistry, paint chemistry, food technology;

Mechanics – building constructions, cooling devices, railway technology, lab equipment , medical devices, toys, transportation, nebulizers, liquid containers, tools, windmills;

Electronics – low voltage current, high voltage current, processor technology;

Informatics – telecommunication, software, internet technology.