Various discounts are possible, for example for large or periodical orders. Please contact us to obtain a quote.

Translation from English, French or German into Dutch 0.14 €/word
Translation from Dutch into English, French or German 0.15 €/word
Translation between English, French and German 0.15 €/word
Amendment of drawings, figures, diagrams, sequences, etc. 70 €/hour
Revision of texts (claims, descriptions, etc.) 0.035 €/word
Machine translation (any language pair) + manual checkup 0.035 €/word
Minimum costs per translation (1 document in 1 language) 60 €


  • + 50 % (within 3 working days)
  • + 100 % (within 1 working day)


These translation packages are available for large clients (> 1.500.000 words/year):

Basic package fees as above reduced by 10 %
Premium package fees as above, no surcharge for urgent translations, no minimum costs, priority over other clients


Validation and representation in The Netherlands (excluding an Official Fee of 25 Eur) 110 €
Payment annuities in the Netherlands or Belgium 125 €/country
Representation in Belgium 80 €


Course 1/2 day 600 € + expenses
Course 1 day 1200 € + expenses
Individual teaching upon request


Flat fee of 150 Eur/hour


Non-Bulgarian clients are NOT subject to VAT (20%).

Our complete terms & conditions can be downloaded here.


¹  Words are counted in the target language using the Word Count Tool of the Microsoft® Word text editor. The translation of a few words in figures and drawings is free of charge.

² After mutual agreement with the client. Urgent translations also depend on the size and complexity of the source text. DIPS International retains the right to refuse an urgent translation or to outsource a translation, for which DIPS International will retain the final responsibility.